"Observing breath after breath, the mind becomes still. Unwavering, the mind becomes pure and naturally finds liberation."

- SN Goenka


Dhamma Bhūmi students can now try the new myCourses website, which is currently [January 2023] in trial phase. *

myCourses is an improvement on the existing website for students to manage their information for Vipassana courses and applications. You can prefill application forms, view and edit your course and email history, adjust your personal details in the database, and more.

If you have ever applied for a course in Dhamma Bhūmi, all you need to do is go to https://mycourses.dhamma.org, click sign up and follow the prompts to activate your account.

Alternatively, next time you apply for a course at Dhamma Bhūmi, in the personal details section you can click the button 'Sign in to prefill your form' and follow the prompts to sign up.

*PLEASE NOTE that this trial for Dhamma Bhūmi is a pilot for eventual deployment to other locations. At this end phase of development, feedback from the trial may be incorporated to make improvements to the application.

May all beings benefit from Dhamma